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Shatika - Handloom Sarees

United in spirit and diversified in color, fabric and weave, handloom sarees are the most versatile and adaptable garments ever created on the face of earth. A wonder garment, when weaved a little differently and adorned a little distinctly, a saree can mold itself into any mood and occasion.
Gadwal Sico Saree
Pochampally Silk Saree
Made by the skilled hands that infuse life in them, handwoven sarees are alive! When you buy handloom sarees, you set up a dialog with them where they talk to you in a manner that is rather inexplicable, moving you in ways that are rather profound and intangible. Housing handloom sarees of some oldest weaving clusters, online saree shopping at Shatika is like paying homage to the world’s oldest and most prevalent tradition.
Bandhej Silk Saree
Bangalore Handloom Silk Sarees
Dharmavaram Silk Sarees
Reminiscing the rich cultural history of the country and keeping one connected with its roots are Indian Handloom Sarees that hold a significant place in almost every state of India. Portraying unique elements of these six yard wonders, millions of looms are engaged in weaving cotton, silk and other natural fibers, in the remotest corners of the country. The legendary Banarasi silk sarees showcase Mughal inspired designs in their motifs while the celebratory Kanjeevaram sarees draw inspiration from Dravidian heritage like the inscriptions on their temples etc.
Khadi Silk Sarees
Gheecha Silk Saree
The Baluchari silk sarees from the east depict stories from the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata and Paithani silk sarees from the west draw inspiration from nature as they showcase peacocks and parrots in their weave. With Handloom sarees price ranging from anywhere between rs.2000/- to rs. 50,000/-, exclusivity describe these handloom sarees that with their remarkable and noteworthy dyeing techniques, vibrant colors, designs and patterns, have created a special place for themselves not just in India but around the globe.

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