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Baluchari Silk Sarees

Baluchari Silk Sarees

Baluchari sarees from West Bengal are silk sarees with gorgeous borders and pallav depicting stories or scenes from mythology and even modern scenes. Characterised by beautiful pallus which have a large panel in the centre with motifs running all around it, what sets apart Baluchari silk sarees is the fine detailing that goes into making them. Originated in Baluchar in West Bengal, these traditional Baluchari silk sarees are presently produced in Bishnupur and its surrounding places in West Bengal. Categorized based on the threads used in weaving the patterns, handloom Baluchari silk sarees can be classified into Baluchari resham, Baluchari Meenakari and Swarnachari or Baluchari in gold. At Shatika, you can check out the latest baluchari silk sarees at discounted prices. With price ranging from Rs 8000/- to Rs 10000/-, buy Baluchari sarees online today and own a legend.

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History of Baluchari Sarees:

Woven today on jacquard looms, historically the Baluchari sarees were woven using the jala tradition and its origins are usually traced to the mid 18th century. In the jalasystem one can use more colours and designs. Jala once made lasts almost 100 years. The design is first drawn on paper which is then converted into designs on the machan using threads. This becomes the masterpiece using which, one can make as many repeats of a design as possible. In Jacquard technique, the design is first drawn on a graph paper and then punched into cards accordingly. These cards are then arranged sequentially, sewed together and finally fixed into the jacquard machines. It is a simpler and faster technique but is not as flexible as the jala technique and cannot produce patterns with as much diversity or intricacy. This is the technique that is used in modern times to weave baluchari sarees.

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