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Kantha Cotton Sarees

Kantha Cotton Sarees

Kantha cotton sarees are from West Bengal. Kantha Embroidery of Bengal that has enjoyed international repute for the fineness of the muslins woven in Dacca is popular throughout India today. With exquisite names like Running Water, kantha work cotton sarees are woven plain or patterned with thicker threads of white cotton providing opaque patterns on the fine ground. Using jamdani technique, these handloom katha work sarees are woven in white or other pastel shades with white threads or white with colorful threads and such combinations. The pallus and borders of Kantha sarees are finely embroidered with the same motifs of the cypress, leaf and stem used by the weaver. Our kantha sarees collection comprise of dashing kantha work silk sarees that heighten the looks of classy printed silk and sober kantha cotton sarees in soothing pastel shades and enchanting colorful threads so when you buy kantha sarees online, you know you can have the saree of your choice in your favorite color and texture. Kantha Cotton sarees price ranges from Rs 2000/- to Rs 3000/-.

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The Craft of Kantha Cotton Sarees:

The origin of Kantha embroidery can be traced back to pre-Vedic era. In fact one can see that the symbols used in this form of embroidery are inspired by nature and ancient Indian art. In West Bengal as long as one can trace, this form of art was initiated by rural women who used this form of embroidery to make quilts and to adorn personal garments and fabrics such as sarees, dhotis and handkerchiefs. Eventually as Kantha embroidery gained cultural and religious significance, Kantha sarees gained popularity in religious ceremonies and pujas and auspicious occasions like wedding and child birth. Interestingly, Kantha embroidery derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Kantha’ which has two meanings. The first one refers to it as ‘rags’ signifying the intent of its origin which was mainly to adorn old clothes and make meaningful and beautiful things out of old rags such as making colorful quilts from old dhotis and sarees etc. The second meaning refers to it as ‘throat’ due to its association with Lord Shiva, the Hindu deity who is also referred to as Neel Kantha after the epic Samudra Manthan episode of Hindu mythology.

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