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Organza Silk Sarees

Organza Silk Sarees

Organza silk sarees that are one of the four variants of Banarasi silk from Banaras, Utter Pradesh, are light textured and diaphanous Banarasi Organza silk sarees with opulent zari work. Characterized as sheer, crisp and extremely light weight, handloom organza sarees are strong and durable with a firm hand and a flat smooth texture. The fabric of these silk organza sarees has a natural stiffness to it without any application of starch or other stiffeners. As Banarasi sarees showcase a lot of Mughal influence who patronized brocade work in Banaras, the organza silk sarees collection too exhibit Mughal inspired motifs like the intertwining floral and foliate motifs, called kalga and bel, common in Mughal craftwork. The one unique quality of organza sarees is that they soak as well as reflect very bright and eye catchy colors with ease. Easy to dye as well as direct painting without guttas, with minimum wicking, these Oranza silk sarees are a great medium to exhibit various celebrated printing techniques like block, batik, bagruand bandhni tie n dye. Buy organza silk sarees online at Shatikato get the latest organza sarees that stand out at parties, festivals, formal gatherings and other special occasions. Organza silk sarees price ranges from Rs 13000/- to Rs 25000/-.

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Features of Banarasi Organza Silk Sarees:

A balanced plain-weave from the banks of river Ganga, Banarasi organza silk sarees are woven from thin and continuous filaments of silk, a natural fibre. The weave of these organza sarees is such that the threads of warp and weft are of the same size and so is the number of threads within a given cross sectional are a the resultant is a checkered appearance saree. Unlike the traditional Banarasi silk sarees that are heavy, these sarees are a thin weave and hence sheer textured and very light in weight. However despite their thin and delicate appearance, these sarees are strong and durable. Good affinity to colorssees some of these designer organza silk sareescome in varied pleasing color combinations. The finesse of the fabric also leaves lot of scope for printing, painting and even embroidery thus treating the women of fashion and pampering their need to have something new everytime. .

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