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Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri Sarees

Sambalpuri sarees are a symbol of tradition, culture and intricate technique. Traditionally hand-woven in ikat style wherein the warp and the weft are tie-dyed before weaving, they have long been an important part of the ethnic Indian female attire. Incorporating traditional motifs like the shankha, chakra and phoola, inspired from the famous Konark temple in their weave, sambalpuri silk sarees are produced in Bargarh, Sonepur, Sambalpur and nearby districts of Orissa. Woven mainly on traditional pit looms with throw or fly shuttle technique, the weaving of sambalpuri sarees is rather tedious and is done by the skilled experienced weavers who are state and national awardees. Sambalpuri silk saree collections at Shatika woven by some of these noted weavers are treasured pieces that are a must have for every Indian woman to own and cherish. Sambalpuri saree price online ranges from 4000/- to 6000/- .

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Origin and Style of Sambalpuri Sarees:

Produced by Meher or Bhulia community of weavers for generations now, sambalpuri sarees are famous across the world for their unique way of production and their fine craftsmanship. Woven on looms called Monga, the Sambalpuri Sarees are of various varieties based on their origin and design pattern like Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Bapta. Made popular by former prime Minister of India late Indira Gandhi and later by the news anchors in Doordarshan, the pioneering efforts of late Radheshyam Meher and other notable contributors like Padmashree Kunja Bihari Meher, Padmashree Chatrubhuja Meher and Padmashree Krutharth Acharya in development of Sambapuri textiles and improvement in the craftsmanship and quality of the product is praiseworthy.

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