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Embroidery Sarees

Embroidery Sarees

In India while a saree beautifies a woman, a saree is beautified by varied designed patterns made with different types of work done by artisans of different regions like embroidery work, patch work, lace work, bead work etc, based on their expertise. While many forms of works exist to adorn a saree, the most popular of them all is embroidery. Embroidery in India includes dozens of regional embroidery styles that vary from one region to another. Formed on the basis of the texture and the design of the fabric and the stitch, designs in embroidered sarees are specific to a region and they are the very identity of the place. For example, Chikankari embroidery which forms elegant patterns on the Lucknowi sarees is associated with the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh Gota embroidery which is a form of applique in gold thread belongs to Jaipur, Rajasthan. Kantha work of Bengal is a running stitch that makes motifs that are equally visible on both sides and Pulkhari of Punjab and Haryana is flower embroidery in bright colored threads.

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History and Origin of Embroidery:

While the need to mend, rectify and patch a garment fostered the development of sewing techniques in the world, the decorative possibilities of sewing led to the art of embroidery. The urge to beautify a garment was prevalent in the world from very early times and this is backed by evidence. Embroidery works in China have been dated to the Warring States period back in the 5th–3rd century BC. Another example of embroidery is roughly around 300–700 AD in the Migration period of Sweden when a garment was found where the edges of bands of trimming were reinforced with running stitch, back stitch and stem stitch. In India too, embroidery seems to be existent from centuries and has evolved over the years. Mainly seen on sarees, the handicraft of decorating a saree with needle and thread, the art of embroidery has over the years gradually incorporated other stylish materials like metal strips, pearls, beads, quills and sequins to embellish a saree.

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