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West Bengal Sarees

West Bengal Sarees

A warehouse of fascinating weaves, the state of West Bengal in India brags of a handful of weaves thatare rather fascinating and unique and are known to mankind for many generations.Considering the humid warm weather of Bengal, while a variety of them come in crisp light cotton fabric that are crunchy as paper and light as swaying breeze, there areweaves in celebratory silk as well that are nothing like the jazzy Banarasi brocade or flashy Kanjeevarams and yet they are sophisticated and upmarket and are preferred by the royalty and posh high-class women of Bengal. Integrated into their tradition since pre Bangladesh days when it was part of Bengal in India, weaving of most varieties of Bengal sarees are amongst the most extensive and labour intensive weaves. It is no wonder then that they are amongst the most distinctly comfortable and good looking sarees in the world.

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Varieties of West Bengal Sarees:

Traditional flower bootis or quirky geometric patterns, crisp, light and transparent Bengal tant sarees in cotton fabric not only look ethereal with solid embossed motifs but they feel good especially in hot and humid weather. The other variety of cotton sarees from Bengal are the famous Jamdani sarees. Traditionally woven on the brocade loom, the making of these cotton sarees is very laborious and time consuming and the result is a myriad of vibrant patterns that appear to float on a shimmering surface. Baluchari sarees on the other hand are authentic silk sarees from this region that by showcasing religious epics and courtly ceremonies in the form of intricate patterns in their weave,exude exceptional mastery of its artisansin narrating tales with colorful threads as the medium. However, the most popular amongst all weaves are the famous textured tussar silk sarees. Cooler, lighter and more comfortable than traditional heavy silk sarees, these silk sarees from Malda district of West Bengal with their modern designs have won many hearts in the contemporary world of sarees.

Variety of West Bengal Sarees in India:

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