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Maheshwari Silk Sarees

Maheshwari Silk Sarees

Maheshwari silk sarees are one of India’s most well-known handloom textiles that are loved for their fineness, delicacy and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the stone carvings of Maheshwar Fort, these silk sarees from Maheshwar showcase traditional motifs like Chandrakala, baingani, beli, parbi, Narmada lehar, chatai, hansa and bugadi that rollout like poetry in the click-clack of Maheshwar looms. Pure Maheshwari silk sarees have plain body with stripes or checks and other geometric motifs on the border. Woven with silk yarns in both warp and weft, these handloom maheshwari silk sarees are either woven on traditional pitloom or the more recent frame loom,and are especially renowned for their suave and sophisticated looks. Shatika proudly presents its Maheshwari silk sarees collection that was once a privileged possession of only the affluent and royal families of Madhya Pradesh. Not only do we offer these refined Maheshwari silk sarees onlineto one and all but also offer them at reasonable prices and incredible discounts! Maheshwari pure silk sarees price ranges from Rs 6000/- to Rs 9000/-.

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Weaving Process of Maheshwari Silk Sarees: :

The weaving process of Maheshwari silk sarees begin with dipping of yarns in a special solution for bleaching. This is followed by the actual dyeing process where the dyes are mixed in warm water in big metal tubs. While natural dyes are used in making Maheshwari sarees, a special dye called Sando Silk isused in making pure Maheshwari silk sarees. Even the reeling of silk threads of these silk sarees from Maheshwar is different from other Maheshwari sarees in the sense that while the yarns for these sarees are untangled and reeled by using a charkha, for reeling silk threads, a more delicate process involving an octagonal cylindrical frame and hooks is used. Once the yarn is ready for weaving, it is placed on the loom. A tedious and time consuming process that needs deft and skill on the part of master weavers to churn out a fine piece of saree, when you buy Maheshwari silk sarees online at Shatika, you can be assured that you have bought yourself a master piece. 

Why Choose Shatika for Maheshwari Silk Sarees:

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