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Shatika Weavers

Inspiring our culture and tradition from the time of Indus valley civilization, sarihas represented our culture and tradition and has been close to our hearts ever since. Enticing us with its fine weave, vibrant colors and captivating motifs, they have reignedin our hearts for centuries. However, the relentless march of mechanisation, modernisation and sophisticationis slowly trampling theHandloom industry that was once the backbone of Indian economy. Struggling for survival,the humble hands that wove classy, elegant fabrics that the world admired are now living in penury.Masters of their craft, weavers across the country have the same thing to say; while they are able to weave emotions and fantasies of a woman in silken and golden threads,they feelhelplessin weaving their own destiny. Taking a que from this, Shatika attempts to not just revive the art of weaving handloom sarees and making them prevalent but also give the makers their due. We handpick exclusive weaves from across the country directly from the looms and present them before the lovers of tradition. This is our way of not just paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of India but also the people who are instrumental in making it.

On a blazing summer day in Madhya Pradesh, in a small town called Chanderi, popular for hand-woven mercerized cotton sarees, life is not as mercerized for Afroza Beano.

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Coming from a humble background, Krishna Devangan belongs to the Devangan community of Champa in Chhattisgarh. Known for their age old weaving occupation, the Kosa Silk woven by this community is said to be the best variety of silk in the whole world.

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Following the lineage of the Mehers, the pioneers in Bandha weave, Prahlad Meher is a weaver in dharma and by karma. Coming from a community of renowned weavers, some of whom are receivers of the prestigious padmashree award, he himself has been honoured by the former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam for his skills in weaving bandha sarees. Weaving to him is not merely a profession, it is his passion.

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