We are earnestly trying to satiate your voracious appetite for news from the past and the present of our unstitched wonder-the six yard delight – the saree. We are committed to inform, instruct and fire your imagination and tingle your senses with the lure of the yore. Our indomitable spirit will prevail and the saree will be triumphant. Here’s to good reading when hours become countless.

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The Pen Art of the Kalamkari – Famous Hand Work of South India

An ancient Indian art from South India that originated about 3000 years ago and derives ...
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Handloom Sarees – 2016 was the year of Handlooms in India

Witnessing a handloom overhaul that included many a handloom fashion weeks, handloom hashtags for a ...
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The Paithani Sarees Festival at Shivaji Park

With an aim to educate people on the arduous hours and attention to detail that ...
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Style Statements

Style Statement Style is something which cannot be taught they but here we try to ...
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Indian Crafts

Indian Crafts Our country is a shining example of unity. The various states have their ...
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History & Heritage

History & Heritage Life is lived forward and understood backwards. Our History and Heritage is ...
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Handloom Weavers

Handloom Weavers A Saree is like a stamp, just like the stamp verifies time in ...
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Festive Moods

Festive Moods Come Holi we need a saree. Come Diwali we need new clothes, Durga ...
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Bollywood Saree Saga

Bollywood Saree Saga Shilpa’s white saree in Dhadkan, Dimple’s red saree in Sagar and Shushmita’s ...
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Textiles The journey from thread to the humble cotton. The process of cotton, silk and ...
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Knowing a little of everything always keeps you in good humour with friends. There you have it inadvertently we stumbled on the lesser known formula for success- is being well read. You must have an opinion about everything. As clothes have interested man since the ages and we at Shatika adore sarees therefore, the stories don’t end or quest is to give our readers more value for money. Our aspirations are high and we wish to quench your thirst.While we go to the length and breadth of our country to get for you information, anecdotes, weavers trials and jubilations. You can read all of this at your will and fancy. A mixed bag of reading will add depth to your life. We are your best friend and as friends are supposed to be loyal to each other. We promise to keep abreast of things and there will never be a dull moment in your life.