Glamorous Saree Trends for 2017

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The year that went by, 2016 saw a fabulous trend in new saree designs, raising the bar high for 2017!Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming trends, styles and collections in 2017

Saree, the quintessence of femininity and grace is paired with the shimmer of a blouse, the drape of a border trim and a well-decorated pallu along with the colors of many moods and all this is put together for an exquisite fashionable statement! The recent years are seeing more and more of saree fashion spreading across the world thus saree feeling the need for fusion with western styles. And this was evident in the recently held Lakme Fashion Week and other such fashion shows showcasing saree collections in 2017 that had a glimpse of western influence in their drape thus beautifully combining chic style with very traditional Asian fashion staples.

So what’s the saree fashion mantra for 2017 that these fashion shows have set ahead for us?

Witty Velvety:

Velvet with its royal looks has been very carefully chosen by the designers this year for blouses as well as for detailing on the skirt or pallu adding a dash of sophistication to the graceful attire. With bold colors being highlighted in opulent gold and resham embroidery, they have been accepted as the carriers of class. It is especially preferred in winters to keeping one warm.

Look is never a mess with mesh:

Designers are attracted to adding cheeky mesh details into sarees for that oh so chic look! A delicate veil that reveals a little and keeps something for imagination adds an instant glamor factor to your otherwise routine saree.

Embroidered tapestry is always a turn on:

Decked out in needlework, sarees that flaunt floral tapestries, paisley patterns and even animal motifs in zari and thread work look flirty and feminine and are always a turn on. Designers today are also experimenting with modern designs like gingham and geometric designs to bring traditional glamor into the 21st century.

There are no boundaries for Borders:

A key to the primary look of a saree is its border. Designers today have seemed to understand and acknowledge this fact and pay emphasis on adorning the sarees with separate borders that are specially embroidered, mirror worked, sequenced and even patch worked. And yes, the bigger, the better seems to be the new mantra for borders!

Contrasting colors for opposites attract:

Opposites attract, in handloom sarees too!it’s no wonder then that use of contrasting colors are increasingly becoming popular in Indian sarees. Combinations like gold and black or beige and red or even greens and purples and for that matter yellows and blues too!

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