Handloom Sarees – 2016 was the year of Handlooms in India

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Witnessing a handloom overhaul that included many a handloom fashion weeks, handloom hashtags for a cause, promotion of handloom uniforms by government, big retail shops embracing handlooms, 2016 was surely the year of handloom sarees!

Marking a prominent comeback of yesteryear fashion trends, 2016 fashion saw the tinge of traditional flavor amidst all the metro-bred modern style craze with many a bigwig designers in the fashion industry showcasing their talent through handloom garments and most of all sarees! From Gaurang Shah to Anavila to Sanjay Garg, fashion weeks hosted in 2016 witnessed a lot of these top designers devoting their entire labels to Indian fashion that too in Indian textiles like khadi and linen!

The Indian textile industry underwent a significant revival in the regime of Smriti Irani as the textile minister. From social media campaigns to roping in celebrities to promote handloom wears and encouraging designers to actively collaborate with the textile industry and dedicating entire line of collections to the same, handloom has clearly weaved a large network of lovers from all parts of the country and across all age groups this year. The “selfie with handloom” hashtag campaign run by her garnered much appreciation and support from the entire nation with people’s Instagram and Twitter account going all bright and colourful in the handspun attires.

Adding another feather to the cap, the Indian Railway personnel will see a fashion shift with their new uniforms created by renowned designer Ritu Beri in Khadi. An ode to India and its deep-rooted tradition and culture, it is sure to instill a sense of belonging and pride among the staff members.

Big retail brands like Peter England, Biba and Ohfab inspired by the launch of ‘India Handloom Brand’ by Prime Minister Modi, have collaborated with handloom weavers in remote parts of the country and are selling handlooms under ‘India Handloom Brand’.

All in all, 2016 has shown us that the handloom industry is not just a source of employment for the underprivileged weaving community but is a brand in its own terms that is not simply only winning attention of the masses but also branding country’s fashion globally.

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