The Pen Art of the Kalamkari – Famous Hand Work of South India

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An ancient Indian art from South India that originated about 3000 years ago and derives its name from Kalam meaning Pen, and Kari meaning work, literally meaning Pen-work, Kalamkari art is nothing but tales narrated by artists in the form of vibrant illustrations on fabric, thus bringing them out alive! A slow and vigorous process that is painstakingly done with perfect, Kalamkari fabrics are created in seventeen steps, using only natural dyes, with numerous washes. Typically, the motifs capture the essence of temple architecture and scenes from great epics. Kalahasti & Masulipatnam located in Andhra Pradesh in south India are famous for this art form. Vibrant and full of life, this art form is an integral part of an Indian woman’s closet, her accessories box and even her footwear cabinet! Today, we bring you few of the ways in which it can adorn yours:

Wearing many a hand-painted Kalamkari sarees, Vidya Balan has pretty much been the brand ambassador of this vibrant art. The most popular way of adorning this effervescent art that oozes color is in the form of six yards.

Kalamkari print blouses in smart cuts and beautiful necks right from high necks to boat galas are a rage today. Pair them up with a plain dashing saree in any fabric be it silk, cotton or even georgette and be sure to hit it off with that cool looks where ever you are go.

Kurtas, Anarkalis, Kurtis or short tops, Kalamkari sets the trend wherever it goes!

Blending east with west are the smart and chic kalamkari long and flared skirts that with their cool indo western looks can be carried at formal occasions as well as cool get-togethers with equal aplomb.

Home furnishing and furnishing industry is buzzing with vibrant kalamkari print sarees right from curtains, cushion covers, wall paintings, table lamps and what not,  boy do they look cool or what!

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