bollywood saree saga

Bollywood Saree Saga

Shilpa’s white saree in Dhadkan, Dimple’s red saree in Sagar and Shushmita’s chiffon in Mein Hoon Na, have become iconic. Film stars have to be careful as to what they are endorsing or wearing in movies. The first is a personal choice they may or may not. We cannot crucify them. For God’s sake they have a life! But this fixation, copying that goes on, is part and parcel of their job. We love to ape them because for us they bigger than life. Sarees have taken to Bollywood in a big way and it’s a good sign. We at Shatika were thrilled when we saw paithanis in Deepika’s ………. So we are becoming indianised and if it starts from Bollywood that is a very good sign. Three cheers for the saree


The Bollywood Trend Setter for Indian Sarees – Sridevi

Sridevi, a renowned name in Bollywood who in her prime, made millions of ...
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Bollywood Sarees Bonanza

The Present Scenario Shatika has an online handwoven saree commitment and our aesthetics ...
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Yash Chopra and his Love for Chiffon Sarees

King of Romance Yash Chopra redefined romance and although every gorgeous Bollywood beauty ...
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Beginning of the Festival The Film Festival at Cannes officially began in 1939, ...
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Another Star Rises- Aishwarya

The artist Nandini.... or Paro.... the name echoes in our hearts with bone ...
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The Drapes of Fantasy

The Drapes of Fantasy Saree clad Maneka could tempt muni rishis and the ...
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An ode to Telangana

Fashion show of sarees of Telangana grabs Shatika’s attention An ode to Telangana ...
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6 YARDS OF SENSUALITY Six yards of elegance and comfort. That is what ...
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BOWLED OVER BY AISH She smiled and the world fell to her feet ...
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Saree a Style Statement-B

Saree a Style Statement

Bollywood has always been as inspiration for fashion and style trends and saree ...
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Sultan of Sari

Manish Malhotra – The Sultan of Sari The ace designer of Bollywood, Manish ...
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