Sultan of Sari

Manish Malhotra – The Sultan of Sari

The ace designer of Bollywood, Manish Malhotra once said that his all -time favorite is a saree on a woman. From designing Kajol’s wardrobe in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to taking care of Deepika Padukone’s costumes in Chennai Express, fashion designer Manish Malhotra has worked with the hottest ladies of Bollywood. A lot of experimentation with beautiful and soothing pastels or dynamic and roaring hues, with extremely mesmeric designs and embellishments he is the man behind making the traditional sari look glamorous and chic. His designed sarees inspire a generation which loves being the traditional Indian as well as the Modern Indian. While there is always a sense of newness and style in the sarees he designs,they feel they have not forgotten their roots.

Today we bring you seven gorgeous Bollywood Divas who have modeled his gorgeous creations:

  1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: In balmy pastel s, peaches and cream too Aishwarya Rai could sizzle and set the sets on fire.
  2. Priyanka Chopra: The breezy neon sari of the desi girl Priyanka Chopra left many a college going girls wanting to flaunt their curves at college functions.
  3. Sri Devi: A fine balance of sizzle and soothe, Sri Devi just like her own personality could carry off the hue of blues especially designed for her.
  4. Kareen Kapoor: Always an overdose of glamour and style, Kareena Kapoor loves flaunting the style quotient of a saree.
  5. Preity Zinta: Adding zing to her personality were the pretty pink sarees especially designed for her.
  6. Sonam Kapoor: The vintage vibe that Sonam Kapoor carried with sari adorned with pearls was enough to charm the pants off anyone.
  7. Esha Gupta: The metallic touch to traditional saree worn by Esha Gupta was enough to set the ball rolling for new fashion trends.

Well with the creativity he has unleashed and the fashion trends he has brought into saree, Manish Malhotra has changed the age old saying that ‘sari is nothing but a humble piece of garment’to ‘sari is anything but a humble piece of garment’!



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