Festive Moods

Come Holi we need a saree. Come Diwali we need new clothes, Durga puja, Christmas all have one common plea- clothes. Festive means lots of fun and dressing up. Then of course we think of Uppadas’, Paithanis’, Dharmavarams’ or Kanchipuram. Where ever we go to the East, West, South or North the mood during festivals is to forgive and celebrate. We are very active all through the year, as we have so many festivals. It’s a carnival and we are one country where we are always in the mood! Each festival will be regaled and we will as true Indian’s be democratic in approach.

The Paithani Sarees Festival at Shivaji Park

With an aim to educate people on the arduous hours and attention to detail that ...
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Indian Colourful Handloom Sarees

Sathrangonkitolilayihai Shatika iss Holi! Color and variety are synonymous with Indian culture, its beliefs and ...
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Sarees for Sankranti 2017 – Silk Sarees and Cotton Sarees

Begin the New Year with joy and celebrations heralding the first festival of the year ...
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Top Wedding Silk Sarees of East India

Even today, marriages are a once in lifetime affairs in India and they are celebrated ...
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Garba and Dandiya are Navratri Special

Navratri nights The nights of Navratri are reeling with madness. The sounds of dandiya and ...
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Raksha Bandhan – a symbol of unconditional love and affection

The Sacred Thread Raksha bandhan is the time for girls to go and visit their ...
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Chaitra Navaratri (April 8-16) or the nine (nava-) nights (-ratri) of Durga, are celebrated in ...
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We celebrate at very turn of nature. We love our Gudi Padwa festivals. Shrikhand, Puran puri, ...
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An Infuse Of Colors In Air – Its Holi!!

An Infuse Of Colors In Air - Its Holi!! Holi is famous as Basant Utsav ...
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And Life Would All Be Spring-Basant Panchami

AND LIFE WOULD ALL BE SPRING-BASANT PANCHAMI The veena that Goddess Saraswati holds in her ...
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diwali and kanjeevaram

The festival of lights– Diwali is celebrated with great fun and fervor. Coinciding with the ...
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The Festival Of Love

The Festival Of Love The roots of St. Valentine’s Day lie in the ancient Roman ...
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