Handloom Weavers

A Saree is like a stamp, just like the stamp verifies time in history. So also a saree represents all that the craftsman believes in, his self -expression is a recording of the art, his culture.Weavers are our heritage and we must treasure them.

Handloom Sarees – 2016 was the year of Handlooms in India

Witnessing a handloom overhaul that included many a handloom fashion weeks, handloom hashtags for ...
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The Nine Varieties of North Indian Handloom Sarees

Chikankari Sarees from Lucknow, Utter Pradesh: The most elegant and graceful hand embroidered sari ...
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Indian Sarees For every Occasion: The printed silk saree

Printed Silk Party Poppers The printed saree is here to stay. The fashion world ...
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Sambalpuri Sarees – The Cool Weaves of Odisha

Religion Lord Vishnu loved silk so silk was an offering that weavers made reverently ...
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The Stunning Bagru Prints and block print a legacy of Rajasthan

Bagru has fascinated us for long and the bright colours from the land of ...
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Bhulia the weaver

Origin After the fall of the Chouhan empire in Northern India at the hands ...
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Padmashali or Padmasali is a Telugu weavers' caste or social group found largely in ...
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Silk Sarees

Sheen Silk Silk is intermingled with the life and culture of Indians. Each festival, ...
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Padmashalis of Uppada

Introduction: Padmashali is a Telugu-speaking Hindu art is an caste predominantly residing in the ...
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