History & Heritage

Life is lived forward and understood backwards. Our History and Heritage is important for our future to be bright. India has a rich past. It has a plethora of knowledge, legends and culture.


Sarees of Tamilnadu – Traditionally Woven in Vibrant Colors

Sarees of Tamil Nadu portray the cultural and traditional essence of the state. Famous ...
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The Tales of Bagru Block Prints

Introduction to Block Printing: Painstakingly laborious and anciently beautiful, the arduous yet elegant process ...
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Traditional Handprinted Handwoven Sarees of India

The handprints of the past The known and the unknown is always a delightful ...
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The Great Promoter of Khadi-Mahatma Gandhi

Fond Remembrance We remember Gandhiji fondly for what he did for us-Indians. He was ...
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Flawless Fabric of Gujarat

The past respected The agile and adroit hands of the Rajasthani craftsmen deftly stitch ...
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The Rajput Princess Casts a Spell on The Mughals

Magnificence Akbar's policy of matrimonial alliances marked a departure in India from previous practice ...
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The most unique saree- the Patola Saree

The Advent The quaint geometric designs are a giveaway to this ageless craft. The ...
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The History Of Weaving in Madhubani

Indian Culture: The old crafts have made us realize what a wonderful culture we ...
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From the Dairies of the Weavers – The weavers of Varanasi

Glory of Varanasi Varanasi is famous for its exemplary saree industry and has a ...
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WHAT’S IN A NAME? This article on Bangalore or Bengaluru has been well constructed ...
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PAITHANI LORES Pratishthanapura or present day Paithan is said to be the capital of ...
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Handloom and Handicraft History b

Handloom and Handicraft History

Evolution of Handlooms India’s heart lives in its villages and the villages’ heart is ...
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History of Sari

History of Sari The most graceful garment, sari has not only found a mention ...
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Tribute To Rani Ahilyabai Holka  b

The Holkar Dynasty

TRIBUTE TO RANI AHILYABAI HOLKAR The Holkars are perhaps one of the most popular ...
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