6 Yards Of Sensuality


Six yards of elegance and comfort. That is what a saree is. We don’t think any other apparel can cover so well or highlight a woman’s sensuality like a saree can. The origin of the saree lies tangled in the hazy coils of history. Akin to what the court of Dhrithrashtra must have looked like after Dushasana (in) famously tried to strip Draupadi in the royal court and got more than what he bargained for when Krishna stepped into the scene. When Dimple Kapadia stepped dripping wet, out of a swimming pool, in Sagar. The difference was that the Bobby girl did it wrapped in six yards of blood red chiffon, Vijanthimala in Sangam and Mandaikini was a natural portrayal of emotion and is bollywood style of imagery. Like a coin has two sides ,so does a saree. You can choose to be a Mohini or a simple Indian woman.
While women in the western world are asphyxiating themselves to look alluring, forcing women to torture themselves with steel cages , tyrannical corsets or diets. Women in the Indian sub-continent bore themselves as epitomes of beauty and grace, wrapped in the comfortable drapes of a saree. A question worth splitting fine silk threads over is the saree. Is how Indian is the Indian saree? Today, the sari is recognized the world over as India’s national attire and our national costume highlights the nation’s favourite catchphrase ‘Unity in Diversity’ like no other apparel can. Each region has its own way of draping this length of unstitched material, each one as graceful as the other.
Wear it Gujju style with the end pleats fanning out in front of your torso, displaying your exquisite pallu and neatly covering that ample middle at the same time; or the plucky Marathi style with one end pulled up between the legs and tucked behind you at the waist, adding some serious spunk; the under one shoulder, via the armpit and over the other shoulder Coorgi style; go for the simple and elegant Kerala cousin Mundum Neriyathum or step across the ocean to the interesting Singhalese style with the pleats not tucked in but blossoming out around the waist.
No other dress defines the Indian woman as a sari does… whether a rich Kanchipuram, a simple cotton saree or a bandhej saree. So the next time you need to make a style statement, you know what to reach for. Wear those six yards of mystique with pride! And you don’t have to disclose your size!!

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Six yards of elegance and comfort. That is what a saree is. We don’t think ….


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About Shatika

Since the dawn of civilization, handlooms have been associated with excellence in India’s artistry in textiles and fabrics, and sari which is considered to be the most ancient piece of clothing has been inspiring generations of artists and craftsmen to weave their dreams and visions into creating exquisite handloom sarees. However with passage of time, just like the clacking sounds of the looms, the dreams and visions of these weaves too are fading away.In an attempt to bring handloom sarees back in vogue, Shatika has begun a revolution; a six yard sari revolution is a humble attempt at bringing back the lost love for handloom sarees. Dedicated to creating a unique interpretation of the age old craft, we travel to all colourful corners of the country visiting weavers,guiding them on the latest trends so they weave out the age old tradition with a modern touch and bring them online so you can savor the delights of hand picking them from the comfort of your homes.