Indian Crafts

Our country is a shining example of unity. The various states have their beliefs, crafts and language and the religions have their festival s which are celebrated with gusto and frenzy.


Banarasi Silk Sarees – the evergreen choice of Indian Brides

Anageless beauty from an age old tradition of Banaras, Banarasi sarees have been a popular choice ...
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Muslin Masuria – Kota Doria Sarees – Whisperings of Ectasy

Ectasy The delight of wisp-o-lisp, lighter than light– weightless diadem of fabrics. Kota Doria has the ...
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Some Fascinating Embroideries of India

Self Expression India is a diverse land of varied interests. We are now focusing upon the ...
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The Grand Design of Kutch-Embroidery Emporia

The Past Connects the Present: The pastoral idiom is quite common in Kutch work. The division ...
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The Eastern Nine Yards

The rich textile of the East India embodies the traditional wisdom and culture of India. Be ...
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Give Wings To Your Style

Handmade things have been in fashion for as long as man remembers. Man wants to make ...
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Odisha Each region of India has an identity of its own. The colour and vibrancy of ...
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Colors of Rajasthan to beautify your life

Artisan Colors as clear as the rainbow, run riot in distinct traditional clothes. In the big ...
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Lucknowi chikankari- The Pride of Lucknow

The letter ‘C’ Chicken curry or Chickenkari both are home to Lucknow. Each being the uperlative ...
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The Journey of South India and Sarees

Journey Walking down the streets of Ooty, you often come across vendors selling carpets, cardigans and ...
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The Coolant of Summers-Chiffon

Take on reality Come summers and you take out your cool cottons, kota and you air ...
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Fine Silken Tale- Banarasi silk

Silk at every cost Every stage in the life of a cocoon is managed and monitored ...
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Mulmul a memory- jamdani silk

Origin Early mention of Jamdani was in the book `Arthashashtra’ by an ancient economist, Kautilya, dating ...
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The Maheshwar wonder, Maheshwari

A flowing Narmada has many tales to tell…I go on forever…reminiscent. when I lunged and leapt ...
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Kanchipuram the silk of the century

The History: The Weavers of the kanchipuram saree have displayed their talent which is and was ...
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Kotadoria- The Kool Respite

INTRODUCTION A saree which is home to Kota born from the pit looms in Rajasthan. The ...
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Warrangal wonder – Gadwal

Snug between the Tungabhadra and Krishna, the culture of Karnataka and has been in practice in ...
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Mysore Chiffon cliffs

Chamundi Hills is the prime landmark of Mysore city, visible almost from anywhere in the city ...
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Bhadohi Carpets

Bhadohi Carpets Known as the ‘Carpet City’, Bhadohigets its name from Bhar Raj of the region, ...
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Chikankari Introduction: Chikankari is a very delicate and intricate shadow work type of embroidery. Initially, the ...
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