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Style is something which cannot be taught they but here we try to instill some goodness of style and then declare your style statement.

Khadi in Fashion – Faces behind Revolutionizing Khadi Sarees

Creating highbrow aspiration, turning handspun khadi into affordable luxury for a discerning clientele, fashioning the weave, modernizing the ...
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Royal Rajasthani Wedding Lehengas

Ah, the festival season is here and so is the season of weddings! The most enjoyable time of ...
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Kantha Cotton Sarees – An Ideal Office Wear

Crisp and elegant, Kantha cotton sarees worn at work place and carried the right way can, not just ...
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The New Trends in Pochampally Ikat Designs

Pochampally ikat is made of natural fabrics like silk and cotton and also a combination of both. Having ...
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Sarees and Sports – Embracing Fitness in Ethnic Way

For all those who thought Sari and sports don’t go together, a run organized by Jayanagar Jaguar, a ...
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Glamorous Saree Trends for 2017

The year that went by, 2016 saw a fabulous trend in new saree designs, raising the bar high ...
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Saree Trends in the Indian Daily TV Soaps

        Daily Television Soaps and their Influence on the Saree Trends in India Full on ...
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Cool Cotton Sarees – The Latest Style Statement of the Young Brigade

Comfortable, lightweight and are easy-to-wear, the keywords that comforted the middle age and elderly women to prefer cotton ...
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Saree Draping Styles of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu that is known for its rich cultural legacy has more than one ways of draping the ...
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The Vintage Silk Sarees of India

Culture Silk sojourn is long and goes into the depths of time and swims in the present. Riding ...
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