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Arni Silk Sarees

Arni Silk Sarees

Arni silk sarees that are woven in Arni, a small town in Tamil Nadu,are distinctly renowned for their specialty weave, which are made with two different bodies on each side and two different pallus such that it can be used as two different sarees. Woven on a frame loom where a weaver uses both hands and legs, Arni sarees are especially known for their durability of the colors used in the yarn that are the result of the expert process of mixing of colors. The Arni silk saree designs are very traditional and depict the rich Dravidian heritage of the past. Arni silks are known for their softness and durability. Extremely comfortable to wear, these silk sarees are suitable for all seasons and make an apt wear for any occasion. Arni Silk sarees price ranges from Rs 5000/- to Rs 21,000/-.

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History of Arni Silk Sarees:

Arani that derives its name from Aaru meaning six and Ani meaning beauty is surrounded by six forms of beauty of nature and that of the country namely 1. Green Fields as in Cultivation lands, 2. Flowy Water in the form of Kamandala Naganathi river, 3. Mountains, 4. Forests, 5.Water falls & 6. An ancient fort. Arani was ruled by the Cholas and was under the rule of the Vijaynagara kingdom in 1600’s. This was instrumental in bringing the artistic bent to this small village which currently hosts a large community of silk sarees weavers who specialize in weaving exceptional arni silk sarees. Arni is a small town and though it is not very popular outside Tamil Nadu, it may come as a surprise to many that a bulk of India’s silk apparels is produced here.

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