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Gadwal Silk Cotton Sarees

Gadwal Silk Cotton Sarees

Gadwal Sico Sarees that are a good mix of grandeur of silk and comfort of cotton hail from a small town of Gadwal which is situated between the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna over an area of about 800 sq.miles. Often lightweight and effortless to drape on, Gadwal silk cotton sarees are renowned for admirable zari patterns and well-crafted Kuttu borders and pallus. Most weavers of handloom Gadwal silk cotton sarees speak Marathi and belong to the Hindu community. Infact according to the Hindu mythology, they are identified as the descendants of Jeeveshwar Maharaj – weaver of Hindu Devi-Devtas. A remarkable trait of getting folded down to the size of a matchbox, these sico sarees from Gadwal are legendary to India. The Gadwal sico sarees collection at Shatika in unusual color combinations and zari ornate are noteworthy. Hosting the latest gadwal silk cotton sarees, when you buy Gadwal silk cotton sarees from Shatika, you are assured the best online gadwal silk cotton sarees at lowest price. Gadwal Sico sarees price ranges from Rs 7000/- to Rs 8000/-.

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Features of Gadwal Silk Cotton Sarees

One of the variants of the Gadwal sarees in a fine blend of cotton and silk threads are Gadwal silk cotton sarees. This variant of Gadwal saree is becoming more and more popular with women today and is a preferred wear at workplace as well as functions, parties and weddings because it caters to their preference for sheen of silk while giving them something more lighter and affordably priced than silk. Silk cotton sarees from Gadwal that are popular since 1930’s are most notable for their contrasting border and pallu that is adorned in zari. Designer Gadwal sico sarees showcase traditional patterns such as nature inspired paisley and peacock motifs as well as motifs inspired by religious architecture are also used to embellish these classic sarees. Depending on heaviness of work and wearability, the border of the saree may be thick or thin and can be classified as traditional and modern. To embellish the saree further, tassels are made at the end of the pallu with the warp filaments of the fabric itself thus not just beautifying but giving them a rich and traditional look.

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