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Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Mysore Crepe Silk Sarees

Mysore crepe silk sarees are handloom crepe sarees in pure silk fabric with a distinctively crisp and crimped appearance. Rich in texture with an awe-inspiring appearance, crepe silk sarees from Mysore have a distinct style quotient and they define class. Crisp and light weight, these handloom crepe sarees are the most luxurious variants of Mysore silk that are made with highly twisted yarns in the weft and silk yarns in the warp. Since Mysore crepe silk sarees belong to ancient Indian era, they are made of pure silk yarns and zari threads and they exhibit royal traditional designs like plain body in a rich hue of color combinations along with zari ornate lace borders and pallus. Inspired by the rich culture and tradition of Mysore, these crepe silk sarees online at shatika are authentic and they preserve the heritage of India.

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Making of Mysore crepe silk sarees:

During the weaving process of Mysore crepe silk sarees, the yarn is specially treated to give it crepe like look. Providing varied degrees of stiffness to twists or slackness in the warp yarns gives these handloom crepe sarees that unique texture. Silk Crepe is a luxurious fabric with a good sheen and a pebbly texture obtained by using high twist yarns. Since it has a beautiful drape, it is extensively used to make dresses, slacks, skirts, suits and bridal gowns but is best suited for crepe silk sarees. Since the fabric has a royal vibe, though pure crepe silk sarees make good ceremonial wear like weddings and festivals, they can be worn to workplace too with equal ease. Crepe silk sarees online at shatika are 100% genuine and authentic and come in a range of color combinations, giving you the convenience to buy mysore crepe silk sarees of your choice from the comfort of your home..

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