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Pochampally Silk Sarees

Pochampally Silk Sarees

Pochampally silk sarees are from Telangana. Stimulating fine silk weave in ikat style of dyeing, Pochampalli silk Ikat sarees are made in Bhoodan Pochampally in Nalagonda district. The traditional geometric patterns, something one associates a Pochampally with, find their way into the hands of skilled weavers who weave them onto beautiful silk sarees. Popular for its centuries old weave in ikat style of dyeing Pochampally Ikat’s that are more renowned for their fine textured 6ply silk are now venturing into making double Ikat silk sarees where the intricate design and coloring is transferred onto warp and weft silk threads first and then woven together making  them the finest Tie and Dye textiles, second only to Patolas. Just like the picture perfect Pochampally village and the renowned Pochampally cotton sarees that are visually appealing, these Pochampally silk sarees are a delight to look at and carry a sense of pride like never before.

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History of Pochampally Silk Sarees:

Pochampally is popularly known as Bhoodan Pochampally because Acharya Vinobha Bhave started the Bhoodan Movement which means Land Donation, from this village. This is the time when about 80 villages got together to start the weaving of sarees on traditional loom. While cotton weaving dates back to this time, Pochampally silk saree manufacturing began in 1970’s, when it was decided by some village headmen of Pochampally to weave silk along with cotton to make a better living. Sources have it that around 1915, the technique of ikat weave was brought to Pochampalli from Chirala, another small town in Andhra Pradesh and since then Pochampally became renowned for its ikat designs. Pochampally silk sarees are handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans having decades of experience who are endowed with critical skills in copying complex designs in ikat style of dyeing. It takes a family of four to 10 days to weave one saree. Pochampally ikats can be differentiated from their counterparts in Orissa by their feel. These sarees are smoother than the flannelly Orissa cloth and not as heavy.

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