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Gota Patti Sarees

Gota Patti Sarees

Gota Patti Sarees are from Rajasthan. Originating here, the Gotta Pattiwork is a spectacular type of applique-embroidery on the ethnic wear of the Rajasthani women folk. Also called ‘Lappekakaam’, it involves a lot of technique. Gota Patti work is customarily done on dresses, dupattas, sarees, Ghagras and even turbans. Popular worldwide, women wear Rajasthani gottapatti sarees adorned with this special embroidery on festivals or any kind of special occasion because of the gold and glittery look that it bestows. There are newer designs seen in latest gotapatti sarees, mostly floral that are in vogue. In designer gotapatti sarees, the gota are cut out into finer shapes and the designs include a lot more detail of beading, sequins and semi- precious stones. The gotapatti sarees collection at Shatika come in resplendent colors and intricate work lending their glorious and surreal looks to the wearer. If you are checking out gotapatti sarees online then do visit Shatika where you will not only find the latest gottapatti sarees that are in trend today but will also find them at very competitive prices.

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Evolution of Gotta Patti Work:

Started as an accessory of royal garments, Gotta Patti was originally manufactured in Surat, Gujarat and Ajmer. Jaipur however is now the hub for gotapatti work with approximately 50,000 to 60,000 men working on gota, in the town of Naila. The woven gold cloth was placed onto silk to create various surface textures that were complemented by ‘kinari’ or edging border decoration. The silk would be inundated in shapes of wildlife and nature on gold cloth encased in wires of silver and gold. The overall effect was one of enamel ormeenakari jewellery. This technique soon travelled to remote areas of Rajasthan and women here started adorning their tie and dyed dupattas and sarees with trims of gotta. The strips were arranged in a way that when the dupatta or the pallu of the saree was draped over the head, the border would fall to become visible..

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