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Rajasthani Hand Embroidery Sarees

Rajasthani Hand Embroidery Sarees

Rajasthani hand embroidery sarees are from Rajasthan. Amidst a sea of sand and never-ending arid land is the lush art and craft of Rajasthan, the myriad colors and art forms of which make it the most colorful and vibrant state of India. Among all the handiworks, the bright colourful Rajasthani embroidery sarees featuring intricately hand embroidered designs inspired from Rajasthani folk paintings that bring to life the traditional birds and animals along with floral motifs with royal golden threads stand out like a green oasis. Besides this, mirror work, also known as shisha, is another popular craft used on hand embroidered sarees from Rajasthan that stands out because of its use of mirrors and colourful threads. The first forms of it being seen during the Mughal Empire in the 17th century, this embroidery is created by using small pieces of mirrors of various shapes and sizes, stitched in between colourful embroidery. Buy Rajasthani hand embroidery sarees online at Shatika and be the proud owner of a genuine piece of art.

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History and making of Rajasthani hand embroidery sarees:

Rajasthan, as its name signifies, was a conglomeration of princely states and its rulers were patrons of arts. The traditional Rajasthani Embroidery work was done on cotton, silk or velvet with a variety of fine stitches. The embroidery designs were floral, geometrical or mythological and, showed court scenes or devotees praying at a shrine in much the same way as these were depicted in painting. Clothes, girdles, bags, tents, wall hangings, horse saddles, elephants trappings and a host of other articles were traditionally embroidered in Rajasthan with gold, silver and silk thread. The effect of needlework was further enhanced by incorporating precious stones and pearls into the design. Applique work was used to depict mythology beautification of clothes and articles was done with simple embroidery stitches and motifs derived from nature and geometrical patterns. The Rajasthani emrboidery stitches used are simple— herringbone for filling and stem stitch for outlining but a three-dimensional effect is created by using a thick thread in a variety of colors and ralliis a patchwork where small pieces of material are stitched together in a decorative pattern to form the top of the spread..

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